Did they "get" what they're "angling for?" 

Is your point clear, or is it too muddy? 

If you spoke, did a book signing, or are viewing written reviews, take some time for an objective listen or look.  

What questions does your audience discuss among themselves?

Here's the Clarity Test: What comments have you heard or read?

  • I enjoyed the experience, but I can't remember much of what s/he said.
  • Wait! What s/he was trying to tell us?
  • I really liked what s/he said: ("_____"). I can use that in my life.  What did you think when s/he said that?
  • What was his/her point?
  • I didn’t understand at all what was being said. I'm more confused now than when I came.
  • It was as if s/he was speaking to me.

Which one implies that you're being clear and not muddy?"

Or would you say, "I'm clear enough. Why make such an effort to be more clear?" 

Charlie Chaplin to Einstein: “They cheer me because they all understand me, and they cheer you because no one understands you!”

Lesson: Just be Einstein, and clear won't matter! 

If by chance, you're unable to be Einstein, know this: Clarity brings relief.

When you are clear on a point that the audience has wanted to understand, they feel a great sense of resolve and relief.

Furthermore, they attribute understanding the point to YOU. You become unforgettable.

You are referrenced time and again by your audience, just by being clear.