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Meet Chavah Golden

Impact Accelerator

Hello, I’m Chavah. I’d like to share with you a bit about who I am and why I do what I do...

As a little girl, I constantly tried to understand an incoherent world around me. Way into my later adult years, I had the same problem, though it wasn't as obvious to others.

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I finally got it that I like attention, and I’m curious. When someone is talking to me, I want to know without a doubt, that they genuinely care that I understand what they are trying to convey. I want to see that they are paying attention to how they are using words, and that they want to help me “get” what they are telling me – whether I am one of hundreds in a room or conversing with them face to face. I never forget a person who cared enough to pay attention to how their audience is taking in their information. You may remember someone who influenced you by paying attention to you.

I had a big mountain to climb to be understood. I tried to communicate, but it wasn’t working. I didn’t know why, but I needed to find out. I don’t want to say how long it took me, but I am relieved and happy that I finally learned – the very hard way.

I learned that I was too focused on me, sharing my wisdom, come what may. I felt that I had such important things to say, people would surely gather to listen. What I learned instead was that people like to be valued. I thought I’d discovered a new world. I discovered that I like attention, and so does everyone else. How did I miss that?

I also discovered the value of curiosity, which fortunately I already had – it just needed some refinement. Now I see that attention and curiosity are a magic combination; asking curious questions shows I’m paying attention. Pertinent questions show people that I value them. Who doesn’t feel delight when they curiously engage and discover together? Therefore, we persevere, however baffling the “back and forth.” It’s childlike - genuine and vulnerable. Curiosity naturally keeps attention alive, and vica-versa. Best of all, I have learned that in this heightened exchange, the internal “library” grows, with words that quickly cross-pollinate. The cleverer the exchange, the more unforgettable and visual the point. People’s doubts are uprooted and erased with surprising responses.

So, it was a rocky and slippery path. My favorite coach, Dov Gordon* told me, “If it’s hard, and you had to learn this, it must be important.” So True!

After the many decades, “suddenly” people were enjoying how I communicate (I was, too). They were asking me to reveal my secrets for captivating listeners. So, I took Dov’s words to heart – “it must be important.” Today I collaborate with thought leaders - authors, doctors, celebrities, scientists, CEOs. We work on “live” projects -- their speech, book, etc. I love to work with anyone who knows something the world needs to hear, who wants to share it, who wants it to penetrate their audience’s hearts and minds, and furthermore, wants to move them to action. When we work to this end, my clients are often amazed at the response -- the attribution their audience gives them -- sometimes after only a few transformative twists.

* Dov Gordon - CEO - ProfitableRelationships.com and https://www.dovgordon.net

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The “Aha” Method

Thinking In Circles

My lifelong aspiration to unravel complexities to their core has enabled me to make abstract concepts coherent and has equipped me to open channels for thought leaders to trigger their audiences’ innate wisdom.

Communicating Visually

When collaborating with thought leaders, we often use a secret maneuver to “draw out” the sharpness and clarity of their message. We sketch together to clear away any last vestiges of excess. As Chavah’s coach Dan Roam says, “Drawing isn’t art - it’s thinking out loud.”

Accelerating Impact

By listening earnestly to you, we extract and wordsmith what will make a memorable impact on your audience. We discover unthought-of ways to shape your language to vividly express your concepts. It is a heightened way to consistently deliver surprise -- Aha - the visceral spur to action that your audience has been looking for.



Apr 09, 2022

Client Journey

I believe that every Thought Leader wants to cut through the distracting “noise” and grab the attention of their audience.

Sep 19, 2022

The Clarity Test

ARE YOU BEING CLEAR? Did they "get" what they're "angling for?"  Is your point clear, or is it too muddy?  If you spoke,

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“Day to day, we’re immersed in incomprehensible complexity. Meaning and value are nearly impossible to pull out from the fuzz and noise — when to zig or whether to zag. The words you choose can slice through the noise. ”
- Chavah Golden, Impact Accelerator

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