What is The Growth Team?

An advanced communication agency for Thought Leaders. Come. Grow your impact and agility… Collaborating on a live project. Listening acutely to your work. Suggesting ideas, processes, and tools. Amplifying your influence - viscerally captivate, engage, inspire your audience to act... Arouse the AHA that every thought leader seeks. Come see what’s in store for you at The Growth Team.

Meet Chavah Golden

Impact Accelerator

As a young girl, Chavah tried to make sense of the incoherent world around her. She cleverly masterminded what she now calls “thinking in circles.” She developed an ability to step outside of the lines that had been drawn for her and imagined herself in a circle with her own center. As she grew, she used circles to innovate and communicate.

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In her undergrad years, Chavah studied math and sciences and enjoyed extreme sports and backpacking. That segued into completing a Master’s Degree in Adventure Camping, then designing and teaching a course she called Personal Excellence. After several assignments in corporations and health care, Chavah added a Master’s Degree in Organization Development, hoping to influence corporate effectiveness.

Later, putting it all together, Chavah bought a Macintosh 512K, so she could communicate with her students, clients, and colleagues with visuals, and especially circles. So excited about the capabilities of Macintosh, she dropped everything and founded Computing Solutions, Inc. to provide graphics training to ad agencies and corporate marketing departments. Offering full customization to transform graphics departments and their workflow, she was hooked on entrepreneurship.

It was only a matter of time before people were clamoring for her skills in observation, organization, and communication. Today, she collaborates with thought leaders - authors, doctors, celebrities, scientists, CEOs, and anyone who has a message to impart to the world. Clients say that by working with Chavah, they can finally communicate the way people have always wanted them to.

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The “Aha” Method

Thinking In Circles

My lifelong aspiration to unravel complexities to their core has enabled me to make abstract concepts coherent and has equipped me to open channels for thought leaders to trigger their audiences’ innate wisdom.

Communicating Visually

When collaborating with thought leaders, we often use a secret maneuver to “draw out” the sharpness and clarity of their message. We sketch together to clear away any last vestiges of excess. As Chavah’s coach Dan Roam says, “Drawing isn’t art - it’s thinking out loud.”

Accelerating Impact

By listening earnestly to you, we extract and wordsmith what will make a memorable impact on your audience. We discover unthought-of ways to shape your language to vividly express your concepts. It is a heightened way to consistently deliver surprise -- Aha - the visceral spur to action that your audience has been looking for.



Apr 09, 2022

Client Journey

I believe that every Thought Leader wants to cut through the distracting “noise” and grab the attention of their audience.

Sep 19, 2022

The Clarity Test

ARE YOU BEING CLEAR? Did they "get" what they're "angling for?"  Is your point clear, or is it too muddy?  If you spoke,

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“Day to day, we’re immersed in incomprehensible complexity. Meaning and value are nearly impossible to pull out from the fuzz and noise — when to zig or whether to zag. The words you choose can slice through the noise. ”
- Chavah Golden, Impact Accelerator

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